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Schleswig-Holstein incorporates a wealth of natural landscapes. The region is the northernmost German state and is the only one to have shores on two seas: the North and the Baltic Sea. The seas, lakes, and rivers and the partly flat, partly soft-hilly landscape are ideal for all kinds of water sports, hiking, and biking. And just as the landscape exhibits variety, so too do the cultural and economic attractions.

Hiking as well as biking trails along the coast of the Baltic Sea and throughout the countryside offer a wide range of adventures to experience.

For those who prefer aquatic sports there are 1001 opportunities for wind surfing and sailing, with courses from beginners to advanced, or simply rent a boat to take out for some 'water hiking'.


The variety of sea life also offers great opportunities for the angler - on the high seas or inland waters. Or, why not discover the surroundings and vicinity, i.e. Helgoland, aboard a ship or cruise with a great selection of trips to choose from.
Perhaps you would rather enjoy your time on horseback? There are a wide range of stables offered - with or without accommodation.

Last but not least, ardent golfers can select from 33 golf courses; lessons are offered as well. 


Recreation (Landhaus Schellhorn)

Activities (Landhaus Schellhorn)

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