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Holstein Switzerland 

RapsfeldBetween the North Sea and the Baltic Sea lies the low-hill country called "Holsteinische Schweiz". Enjoy the diversified nature of Holstein's Switzerland, which is the biggest and -at the same time- youngest nature park of the German state Schleswig-Holstein with approx. 63,000 ha. In this territory you can find 200  inland lakes, among them the Ploener Lake, with 30 sqkm the largest in this state. Another superlative: The Bungsberg - with skilift - is the highest "mountain" (168 m) in this state.

There is much to explore in Holstein Switzerland. You will discover original  nature reserves with rare flora and fauna, picturesque villages, white sandy beaches, or wonderful historic country estates. There are plenty of  leisure and sport possibilities to choose from: sailing, surfing, water hiking with canoe, biking, horseback riding, hiking, tennis, and golf. Also the more passive water lovers can fulfill their dream vacation: they can board one of the beautiful white cruise ships, stop anywhere, and enjoy a good meal at a "Gasthof am See".

Relaxing in  Holstein's Switzerland - a nature vacation far away from crowded tourist places.

Recreation (Landhaus Schellhorn)

Activities (Landhaus Schellhorn)

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